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The 2021-2022 recipient of the Dr. Gerald Gordon Memorial Award was Home Bridge Youth Society. Accepting on behalf of the organization pictured here is Renee Stevens with Stacey Dort, President of The Gordon Foundation for Youth and Children Nova Scotia.


Here we are pleased to share some of the feedback from those participating in the activities and organizations that our grants have supported. 

Grant Testimonials

“Hinchinbrook has been one of the only places I've felt accepted as we are with no
judgement. It's truly a respite for parents and caregivers and siblings of children
who live with impairments.”

— Kelly, Parent sharing her experience with Hinchinbrook Farm


“Hinchinbrook farm has made such a good impact on Jordan’s life. Without the
visits he has at the farm I really think he still wouldn’t be talking. Patti and the
volunteers all give him such a relaxing fun and learning time. He loves it. I’m so
grateful to Hinchinbrook”

— Joan, Parent sharing her experience of Hinchinbrook Farm

“Overall we are blessed to have found Patty and all the wonderful volunteers. It
truly is a blessing to have somewhere to bring my daughter where she will grow
and find her independence.”

— Karen, Parent sharing her experience of Hinchinbrook Farm

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